Alys Marchand

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Alys started writing as a young child. From picture books to novellas to fan fiction on a then-state-of-the-art IBM, if it involved writing, Alys wanted to do it. Always an avid reader, early literature favorites include Nancy Drew stories and the poetry of Edgar Allen Poe.

At the age of 12, Alys began participating in poetry readings. At 17, she penned her first full-length book, an inspirational non-fiction on living life with a severe illness. No publication attempt has been made with it.

For several years, Alys wrote short stories and poetry, eventually becoming involved with a part of the San Francisco poetry slam scene.

In 2011, inspired by a troubling trend of abuse being romanticized, a new story began to take form in Alys’s head. By September 2012, the iron was too hot to not strike. So she went to the living room, fired up her laptop, and within 30 days, had finished her first fiction novel’s first draft. She had finished the second in the trilogy by the end of the year, and continues to develop stories.  Several non-supernatural novels are on the very near horizon.

A native of California, Alys currently calls Vancouver, Washington, home.  She is also an expert seamstress, a novice astro and solar photographer, and intermediate ballet dancer, in addition to being co-leader of a Girl Scout troop and ballet dance mom with a love of volunteering for the Oregon Ballet Theater, where she and her daughter both take classes.  Life is never slow in her household!

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